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Alaska Whale Foundation welcomes inquiries from researchers and media teams interested in collaborating on projects that align with our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Priorities. If you are interested in working with AWF in these ways, please review the information below regarding our process for establishing collaborative initiatives.  



  1. Upon clicking Request For Research Support, the applicant will be asked to complete and submit an online Pre-Proposal form to AWF’s Research Program Committee (RPC).

  2. The applicant will be notified within two weeks of submission as to whether the RPC requests a Full Proposal.

  3. If so, the applicant will be asked to submit an online Full Proposal form a minimum of two weeks before the RPC’s annual review meeting, which typically occurs at the end of February. Proposals submitted at other times will be reviewed on a rolling basis; however, because this requires the RPC to convene for an Ad-Hoc meeting, a timely review cannot be guaranteed. 

  4. The RPC may reach out to the applicant during the review process for further information. 

  5. Applicants will be notified within one week after the meeting whether or not the RPC has decided to support the project and/or whether additional information is required. ​

  6. If the RPC decides to support a project, we will work with the applicant to establish a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining expectations, roles and responsibilities, and data sharing agreements.




  1. Upon clicking Request For Media Collection Support, the applicant will be prompted to review and agree to the terms of Alaska Whale Foundation’s Policy Regarding Non-Essential Personnel (NEP).

  2. The applicant will then be asked to complete and submit a Media Collection Request Form to AWF’s Research Program Committee (RPC).

  3. Applicants will be notified within two weeks of submission as to whether the RPC intends to consider the request further. 

  4. If so, a 1h consultation will be scheduled during which time the RPC will request additional information, outline permitting restrictions and logistical considerations, and address questions from the applicant.

  5. If a decision is then made to support media collection, the RPC will provide a contract to the NEP outlining the terms of the arrangement. 

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