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Imagine being surrounded by vast old-growth rainforests, where glacier-fed streams flow into emerald seas, and mountains rise higher than the clouds.  

This is Southeast Alaska.  This is our home.  



Alaska Whale Foundation operates an independent field station committed to conservation and environmental stewardship in Southeast Alaska.  

Situated in a remote bay on Baranof Island, it is a permanent base for scientific study and ecological monitoring, and invests in future generations of impassioned researchers by providing opportunities for student engagement.

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Long-term monitoring projects allow scientists to track and make robust projections about environmental change, and can point to areas of concern where further research is needed. 

AWF continues to add new projects, like acoustic songbird and bat monitoring, to its program.  Listen to a chorus of songbirds recorded at one of our bird monitoring stations. How many species can you identify?

Bat - Price.jpg
hermit thrush-3.jpg
201720170627,WarmSprings, AlaskaSteven M

When field stations are embedded in awe-inspiring wilderness settings, they promote connectedness to the natural world and evoke a deeper appreciation for the value of conservation and environmental stewardship. 

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 volunteer program

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The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.

                                  John Muir


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AWF's field station provides a place to live and work that is in rhythm with the tides.  Surrounded by lush old-growth temperate rainforest and watched over by towering glaciers, it is embedded in one of the healthiest ecosystems left on the planet.

It also offers a fleet of vessels, cutting-edge research equipment and computing space - everything that AWF's team of biologists and research partners need to tackle the region's important conservation issues.  And AWF is committed to seeing it grow in a sustainable and environmentally-sensitive way to ensure that it can continue to operate in a minimally-impactful way for years to come.



The mountains are calling, 

and I must go.

                            John Muir



AWF's large whale disentanglement team and equipment are housed at our field station in Warm Springs Bay.

Equidistant from the larger towns of Juneau, Sitka and Petersburg, our team operates in a remote and underserved part of Southeast Alaska.  With our highly trained disentanglement team and fleet of dedicated vessels at-the-ready, AWF is able to quickly respond to reports of whale entanglements virtually anywhere in northern Southeast Alaska.

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