We're just a week away from welcoming our spring volunteer research team to the Center for Coastal Conservation! This ambitious and passionate team will assist with projects that range from studying the interactions between humpbacks and hatchery released salmon to monitoring the arrival of migratory songbirds in the oldgrowth forest surrounding our field station. 


Leonie is from Germany and has just finished her Bachelor degree in Biological Science from the University of Rostock. Leonie, who joined the AWF team in 2015, is now looking forward to returning to Warm Springs Bay once again to support AWF's great research projects. 

During the past 6 years Leonie has held marine mammal related positions as a volunteer, research assistant and marine naturalist in New Zealand, Italy and the Azores. As a result she has become passionate about the marine environment and working on the ocean. Leonie is very excited about returning to the CCC earlier in the season to see what spring holds! 


Jasmine is from Sitka, AK, and a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences and a concentration in marine biology and pre-medicine. As an undergraduate, she spent a semester abroad in Homer, AK where she got to participate in a rigorous marine biology program. During her college career, Jasmine pursued various research projects that delved into the foraging ecology of nursing pinnipeds; evolution of marine bioluminescence; effects of hydrocarbon exposure to marine organisms; stickleback ecology and evolution; water relations in lichens; plant invasiveness in Alaskan habitats; overwintering strategies of microbial and algal extremophiles; and conservation management strategies. Additionally, Jasmine has completed over 200 hours of medical observation and training in the fields of general medicine, nursing, radiology, and physical therapy. In the past, she also held certifications as a nursing assistant and emergency trauma technician. Having spent her entire life in Alaska, Jasmine has become very passionate about wildlife conservation in the Arctic and aims to pursue future research that addresses the response of polar fauna to anthropogenic stressors and climatic changes. Jasmine sees this opportunity with AWF as the ideal intersection of both her personal and academic interests in life: marine mammal science, cetacean philopatry, fieldwork, conservation, and outdoor living. 


Nigel grew up in Eastern Canada on a small island. It was there that he developed a love for the sea and all the creatures that inhabit it. Whether it was exploring the coastline or snorkeling the reefs, he loved everything about it. Some decade and a bit later, Nigel finds himself now in Melbourne, Australia, pursuing a bachelors degree in Social Science and a bachelors degree in Environmental Science. Nigel is currently wrapping up some final research projects and finding it extremely difficult to focus, as his mind keeps wandering to the remote wilderness of Southeast Alaska! When he's not studying, he has been working with the Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation, where he has been converting the paper-based ID catalogue of Tursiops australis to a computer-based system. Nigel feels extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with the Alaska Whale Foundation and is looking forward to meeting everyone, including the whales!