After centuries of exploitation, the humpbacks are returning!  Let's us savor this moment and become rejuvenated in our conservation efforts.  Let's also join together for a celebration; for humpback whales are also coming to shorelines and big screens near you! With a rousing IMAX production, MacGillivray Freeman celebrates the returning humpback with footage from the fjord land of Alaska to the gourd lands of Polynesia.


 In 2011 AWF took the MacGillivray IMAX team on a 2-week film cruise through Southeast Alaska

In 2011 AWF took the MacGillivray IMAX team on a 2-week film cruise through Southeast Alaska

Alaska Whale Foundation has always been committed to communicating the latest findings of humpback research accessible to wide audiences and when the MacGillivray Freeman team contacted us in 2008 for scientific guidance and script reviews I was happy to oblige. In 2011 Andy, Pieter and myself were able to further support this innovative team of filmmakers by organizing a film cruise in Southeast Alaska. Over the course of 2-weeks we plied the waters of SE Alaska aboard the M/V Snowgoose, and photo-documented many of our most enigmatic whales including Arpeggio, Melancholy and Vulture.  On this sojourn we were lucky to also find calm seas, schooling herring and abundant bubble netters.  

This film continues MacGillivray Freeman’s commitment to environmental literacy. The film breaks new ground with Meagan Jones reflecting on the female humpback’s perspective. The audience is also treated to informative and exciting disentanglement activities in Hawaii with Ed Lyman. The computer generated bubble net sequence is remarkable and begins with my journal illustrations swimming off the pages and into the deep!  

Be sure to check out their Humpback Whale Educator Guide at  As part of the opening celebrations, I have been visiting museums and science centers across North America.  This included stops in Toronto, San Diego, Fort Worth, Saint Louis and Hawaii.  This coming week, I will be presenting at Cincinnati Museum Center.